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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Wireless Temperature monitoring with cold chain solutions
Using Radio Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor  monitor

To ensure continuous monitoring of temperature during transport and storage Miot has a series of monitoring devices for temperature, humidity

MioT solution for cold chain customers and others who must monitor cargo temperatures.

MioT units can be directly connected to Radio sensors to control Temperature and Humidity to provide the official data used for cold chain control. 

MioT system is sending the measured Temperatures and Humidity data as well as the door status to the backend system.

These solutions enable the carrier to avoid cargo spoilage due to a defective freezer or doors being left open for too long.

This solution assures customers that the cold chain has not been broken, enabling them to react to unexpected events.

Wireless Sensors

The pure white glossy for single mounting waterproof air temperature and humidity sensor uses airflow to measure temperature and humidity levels.

Constant monitor and  datarate of one reading per minutes and send data  to MioT gateway,

 With long-life battery (lifetime 5 years).


Door control

Door sensor is an intelligent security equipment that can transmit through MioT radio network and radio waves

When the alarm is triggered, the door sensor would send messages to MioT gateway,

Each door sensor has a unique ID code. When we add or remove the door sensor from gateway, just place it in the network range of gateway.

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