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Temperature Monitoring (TM)

Temperature Monitor
Temperature Monitor Features

Remote Temperature Monitoring, Wireless and Real-Time Temperature Monitoring, Total control over cold-chain transport.
Temperature Monitoring system has been specifically engineered to help you meet today’s demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. This system is designed to display critical data regarding mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers. Whether it be fresh products, frozen goods, or sensitive assets such as pharmaceuticals, MioT ensures that you deliver accurately, reliably and safely.

Ensuring Compliant, Safe Freezer Transport with Wireless Temperature Sensors
Temperature Monitoring system has been specifically engineered to help you meet today’s demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. MioT smart Freezer system is designed to register and display critical data regarding mobile refrigerated compartments on goods, trucks and trailers. 
MioT smart Freezer sensor have a dedicated Wireless Temperature sensor (long life battery) designed to track frozen goods up to -40°C, to ensures that you deliver accurately, reliably and safely.

Business application of Freezer Transport with Wireless Temperature Sensors
MioT smart Freezer Monitoring allows you to track the temperature of your trailers to protect temperature sensitive goods from perishing and helps you to ensure HACCP compliance (EU37-2005) by tracking and storing temperature data. 
MioT smart Freezer Monitoring is able to retrieve temperature data from different zones. 
Track temperatures through the life of a shipment and trend temperatures over time. Stay on top of your shipments with real-time alerts, unlimited reports and zone monitoring.
MioT smart Freezer Monitoring, you can monitor different zones simultaneously, and is seamlessly integrated into MioT telematics ecosystem which makes it a very powerful tool. All data and reports are available within the flexible cloud platform and allows you to proactively monitor your cold chain.

Temp. Registration

With the transport of food or medicine, the smallest temperature deviation can form a great health risk. A perfect temperature registration and an active temperature control are vital to guarantee the quality of the products during transport. With the placement of our temperature sensors in critical areas, a constant registration occurs. This creates an up-to-date stream of information that the office can read out online and process. When the registered temperature deviates from the previously set values, an alarm notification is generated.


Monitoring and Alerting

Alerting: Has the temperature value deviated from the set value? A warning will then be sent to the office and the proper measures can then be taken to normalise the temperature values.

The monitoring center get, the sensor informationand  is then also immediately take the action available and contact the driver and he will be able to respond right away.


Loss Reduction

Food loss is a significant economic, environmental and social justice issue. One third of the food grown globally for human consumption never reaches the consumer

Not only does this have significant climate and human health implications, but the annual economic value of this loss is almost a trillion dollars.

Where cold chains are lacking worldwide, 200 million tons of food spoil before reaching market every year.



HACCP: Companies that transport food must control their internal business processes in such a way that they can guarantee the safety and reliability of the products according to HACCP guidelines.

With our temperature registration systems, this information is documented and you have the option of having this information compiled in clear reports so that you will be able to demonstrate that the transport was carried out according to the guidelines.


Timesheet Registration

Registration and reports: Besides reading the exact temperatures, MioT also registers the drive and stop moments of the vehicle. The temperature registration  the door status, and other collected data can then easily be displayed in a transparent report. This will give you periodic overviews of the entire process, from transport to delivery. You will also be able to concretely demonstrate that the goods have been transported in the proper conditions.


Monitored Cold Chain 

The value of access to monitored refrigerated transportation solution can be translates into:

Access to better medical care and life-saving pharmaceuticals.

The ability to offer to the final customers consistent, higher quality products.

The ability to use cold storage to store produce and sell during times of peak demand without risking food loss.

Access to higher quality, more nutritious foods in need of temperature-controlled storage and transportation.

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