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Fleet Management (FM)

Real Time Fleet Tracking 
Cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine that unlocks powerful insight from fleet 

The logistics required for making same day delivery a reality are daunting. Supply chain, delivery, customer support, advanced eCommerce software and warehouse facilities are all crucial to making the new tactic a reality.

Technological innovation is never easy, but in the world of logistics and on-demand delivery, it changing the world.

Powerful control and track your fleet Fleet.

By tracking you fleet real-time you will be able to optimize operations, remove ineficenties detect suspicious activities and collect useful information on your vehicles as well as on your drivers.

Can help you  to manage and make decisions based on actual facts. Real-time monitoring provides reliable insight into, among others, the location and status of a vehicle, asset, trailer, package or other materials.
Comprehensive reporting options give you the possibility of directly communicating the transport conditions to the client, for example.

Real Time Activity 

With Track your fleet real-time anytime and anywhere. whether your drivers are parked or on the move, get their precise, mapped location
Fleet tracking is becoming an important part of fleet management. By tracking you fleet real-time you will be able to optimize operations, detect suspicious activities and collect useful information on your vehicles as well as on your drivers, t
his can help with proof of delivery and allows you to monitor working-time guidelines compliance.


Monitoring and Alerting

Alerts  Events is a powerful tool that enables you to set virtual boundaries around locations or specific areas. Receive an instant message, email, notification,when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area, or get notified when there is some unexpected activity within or outside predefined hours.

Moreover you can set and  receive several Alert accordingly to your set up


Driver Behaviour

Track driver Behaviour, information such as cornering speeding or harsh breaking gives you the insight you need to improve how your drivers use each vehicle day-to-day.
A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely, costs less in fuel and servicing, is greener, has fewer accidents and is cheaper to insure. 


Report and Triplog

Detailed Reports & Triplog

Identify where to make savings by tracing previous trips. Our vehicle tracking system accurately records hours worked or hours spent behind the wheel and remembers where each vehicle in your fleet has been for up to 90 days in the past. This feature of the vehicle tracking and fleet tracking system provides an instant overview of vehicle movements, highlighting anomalies and exposing patterns in your business.


Timesheet Registration

Track driving times, number of trips, visit duration, idle time and stationary time and obtain clear and detailed reports.

Generate detailed timesheets and activity reports based on period, driver, vehicle or location.

See how much time has been spent on various activities as well as how much of the planned time still remains.



Easy to use and accessible by web, our cloud-based platform offers clear and easy to use dashboards and reports.
Customize our user-friendly dashboards by adjusting them according to your needs and create reports based on the information you need.

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