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M6 Advanced Telematic Unit / AVL

Main Description
  • Telematic & IoT Solutions, Cloud Tracking GPS Telematic Device with GLONASS technology and Blue Tooth to keep track of latitude and longitude values of the vehicle, times of use, connected sensors and all useful information for the location and display on electronic maps, via the Internet and web application, allowing the data exchange between vehicles and the MioT Services Cloud Manager

Tecnichal specification
  • General specification power supply 12V⎓ (8V-32V)
    Stocking temperature -40°C to +85°C
    Working temperature -40°C to +85°C
    ip protection IP40
    unit sizes 107 x 52 x 25mm
    unit's weight 105 gr.
    harness weight 35 gr.

  • Homologation: E24

  • GSM Frequency Range: Quad Band, EU 850 ~ 900, 850 ~ 1900 MHz

  • GNSS Specifications Receiver type: Sim868E

  • Chipset: MTK2503

  • Channels: 33 Tracking, 99 Acquisition

  • Sensitivity: Tracking -167 dBm

  • Internal Backup Battery type: Lithium Polymers 3.7V/1000mAh

  • Discharges protection: 2.75V±0.05V

  • Overload protection: 4.25V±0.05V

  • Blue Tooth: 4.2

  • Accelerometer Tri-axial: Yes

  • Acceleration ranges: ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g

  • Towing alarm: Yes

  • Inputs/Outputs Ignition key +15: Yes

  • Serial Port Interface: Sub giga RF Front end

  • Analog inputs: 1

  • Digital inputs: 2

  • Negative outputs: 2

  • SOS call: Yes

  • Bus Can Bus: J1939

  • Serial ports interface: Uart 232

  • One Wire Bus: Yes

  • Micro USB Charge: Yes

  • Micro USB Diagnostic: Yes

  • Micro USB computer interface 1 log per second: Yes

  • Local Firmware update: Yes

  • Update Firmware over the Air: FOTA

  • Firmware on Dongle key: FOK

  • Bootloader: Yes

  • Over The Air Interface Server protocol: UDP,SMS

  • Protocol Programmed time record: Preset intervals

  • Geo-fence regions: Yes

  • Low charge alarm: Yes

  • Power on report: Yes

  • LOW Energy Management:

  • Online: 28 mAh @24V, 55 mAh @12V

  • Deep Sleep: 0.64mA @24V, 0.96mA @12V

  • Online @back up battery: 90 ~100mA

  • Deep Sleep: 1,04mA

  • Retain Time from +15 OFF: 3 minutes

  • Data Logger Management Strong acceleration: Yes

  • Strong braking: Yes

  • Strong steering: Yes

  • High speed: Yes

  • Crash: Yes

  • Start Stop Guide: Yes

  • Preset Log on intervals: Yes

  • Log on event: Yes

  • Log dimension: 290K point

  • ON/OFF Ship and Storing ON/OFF button: Yes

  • Automatic Power ON: Yes

  • RS232 interface: Accessories expansion, Sub giga RF Front end for sensors

MIOTracker M6
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