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Used Based Insurance Solution 

MIOT and Insurance solution UBI
Insurance telematics solutions

 MioT insurance telematics solutions are proven to drive down insurers’ combined ratio. Our end-to-end solutions provide the full set of features and capabilities needed to get to market with a cutting-edge telematics insurance product.

Our solution can help to implement a complete telematics and behavioral analytics solution built to make drivers safer. This fully-modular personal lines telematics solution provides actionable insight into driver behavior and risk to help insurers engage customers, increase driver safety,
and improve claims outcomes.
Digital Driver provides the full set of features and services needed to get to market with a new telematics-driven insurance product that drives results.

MIoT platform can be custom built to help insurers effectively leverage IoT data across lines of business.

It blends the benefits of an end-to-end IoT platform with dedicated vertical applications that span the complete insurance value chain.

Risk Scoring

MioT Telematics data provides a step-change improvement in risk assessment over traditional factors that are largely proxies for how, how much, when, and where vehicles are operated. The Drive Beaviour Score ensures insurance carriers can get to market quickly with a telematics trust driven score that is highly-predictive of risk and provides a significant improvement to their underwriting results.


Claims management

Through crash detection and claims reconstruction, insurance carrier can understand who is liable for an accident, streamline the vehicle repair cost calculation, and improve personal injury estimation.
This makes the claims process more efficient, reduces administration time, and speeds up repairs.C

Crash detection & notification

• Early FNOL & crash dossier

• Roadside assistance requests

• Emergency service requests

be remotely disabled by the operator Cente


SOS Request

In case of needings, allows for the transmission of a help message from the vehicle, so as to receive assistance with one simple gesture.

In case of accident, a SOS request is  automatically generates a geo-localized alarm to the MioT Center, therefore allowing for the indication of the exact position of the vehicle to the Center to provide support and necessary help directly on site.


Emergency Service

In case of an crash MioT device automatically sends out an alert that can dispatch emergency services.

Operations Center is able to manage the situationa, track the device and always locate the car and the person in difficulty and determine the appropriate action,

In case of needs this can speed up response time by 50% and save hundreds of lives every year.


Drive Beaviour factors

The Drive Beaviour  analysis uses granular telematics data with claims, policy, and external contextual data to deliver a score which is highly predictive of risk. Such parameter are time cornering, distance speed accelleration, breacking road tipe and condition.

The combination of those data provide the full set of features and capabilities needed to get to market with a new usage-based insurance product.


Save money

Traditionally, insurance premiums have been based on a set of static metrics such as age, gender and location. Safe drivers end up paying more than they should to subsidize less careful drivers.
Telematics policy holders only pay for their actual risk, resulting in up to a 30% reduction in premiums
MioT Telematics insurance allows insurers to offer innovative products such as pay-per-kilometer / pay-per-mile insurance, helping low-mileage drivers save on premiums.


Stolen vehicle recovery

Operations Center is able to track the device and always locate the car and the person in difficulty, wherever they are, thanks to the GPS signal and GSM/GPRS communication.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery services are enabled providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels. Police liaison is conducted through a  Secure Operating Centres

Improvements in vehicle security and advancements in telematics technology, 

stolen recovery cop.png

Improve Drivers Ability  

Accidents happen.

When they do, insurers can use telematics to monitor behavior and offer discounts for behaviors that improve over time.

This make possible to issue personal insurance through technology way .

Personalized feedback make able to reduce risk and insurance premiums lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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