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MioT Automotive IOT GSM Devices

Automotive IOT GSM Devices  
State of the art telematics hardware 


MioT Hardware

Powerful Connecting Vehicle Solution Driven by innovation​

Miot Automotive solution, Simple Solutions for Complex Connections provide a true end-to-end solution, we develop and manufacture our own telematics hardware devices.

Our Hardware solutions are powered by Electronics Latest innovation, latest introduced is the M6 a smart hardware platform for both light and heavy vehicles.

Best Practice


Developing and producing our own hardware gives us leadership over others, off the shelve, hardware by wholesale manufacturers.​​

Like in an orchestra concert the perfect integration in our cloud platform, making the entire solution in full control of all the features, quality, and components we use.

Thanks to our manufacturing facility we don’t have any vendor lock-in.

When Performance Matters

With our own hardware and development roadmap, we can deliver a truly unique set of performance.

We don't drain the vehicle battery, scalable power and standby status with very low power consumption, features, and components, designed for its task.

We care and we make sure​

Modern vehicles are getting smarter and smarter every day claiming smart technology solutions.
This is why we have to work smarter, more efficient, powered by intellect and driven by value exploring new possibilities.

The professional approach to security is one of the most concern in the telematics field, MioT engineers have more than 30 years of experience in the security field.

Security is a priority


For all the above reason security was one of the main reasons for us to develop our own entire solution hardware firmware and software.

Plug and Play Solution​​


Another fundamental feature of our hardware is that we’ve invested a lot in standardizing the installation. We’ve developed a range of pre-fabricated wiring harnesses to cope with a wide variety of vehicles and setups. With this, we take away the burden of a complex and expensive installation it’s almost as easy as plug & play.

GSM Communication is a serious matter: MioT eSIM


The latest generation of SIM cards, called the eSIM, is a chip that is embedded inside a MioT Hardware Device.  The information on an eSIM is rewritable and can be updated over the air.

Like Apple first turned to eSIM to add connectivity to the Apple Watch Series 3 and Watch Series 4 we also do.  The use of eSIM brings a number of advantages to device manufacturers and networks, but there are also some advantages for you, too.

The MioT embedded SIM is very smart and secure, since it is a component soldered and hidden into the Miot Electronic device board, and it is not possible to remove or swapping SIM cards!

 The eSIM is sealed internally to the product making it tamper, water- and temperature-resistant. This solution makes it more robust and thus ideal for use for vehicles and connected cars, which may well be driven in extreme heat moisture and on bumpy roads.

The embedded SIM is just as secure as the normal SIMs used every day. 

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